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NATURE IMMERSION FOR WOMEN Adventure Awaits in Puerto Rico!

Imagine this... A treat for your soul... Don’t you need that space and time just to get away from it all, and give yourself some personal attention, reflect, and just be? Women from all walks of life come together to share a common bond and experience.

Travel with like-minded women and experience sisterhood, adventure and spiritual growth, all in a 6 day, 5 night all-inclusive nature intensive retreat in Puerto Rico, from March 15th to March 20th, 2017. Do something new and challenging that will move you deeper within yourself. The purpose of this trip is to entice, inspire and instigate... To reach further, look deeper, push harder...To encourage, facilitate and support connection within ourselves, our community and nature. Redefining balance and connecting with nature in unforgettable locations.

Night hike…together but alone we move by the light of the moon, telling her our secrets gaining confidence and connection with every step in her guiding light, taking time to sit in perfect peace of nature and be one with its stillness trusting in our sense... feeling the cool Moss beneath us, grounding us. The sound of the night and its mysterious serenade, breathing in the crisp air, a gift from the circle of trees we are enveloped in... being so immersed in the magic of night and feeling so in tune with our self and the World we are a part of completely forgetting our fear doubt and hesitation felt just a short while ago.

The bond we create with nature intensifies…

Move within the womb of the earth. Crawl scramble and climb if you dare. Challenge yourself as you slither through the mysterious world that’s been hiding beneath you your entire life. An enchanting place of true darkness many have never seen.

Shower in the jungle falls, drink water from the purest streams. Fruit fresh picked as we trek thru the greenest trails. Frogs sing you to sleep. a weekend you'll absolutely never forget and your friends won't believe... your bucket list we need some revision after the courage in you raises the bar. Build your own little Fire and put your limiting beliefs into every stick then connect all our fires together

We are excited to offer you this amazing transformational journey to beautiful PUERTO RICO! Connect to the beauty of nature, pysche, spirit, whole body and soul. This all-inclusive trip includes all of your meals, transportation, accommodations, activities, airfare and MORE!

Join us! Adventure awaits! Our trip to Puerto Rico is happening soon... March 15th to the March 20! For details, questions and to book, check out our event page on our facebook group

More for information or to register, call (631) 606-0225 or email or click to view more details here

Kay, Carolina and Dona


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