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To achieve Goddesshood
– the state of being a goddess –
we invite you to come and experience the community, connection and support a
GODDESSHOOD circle offers.



a Feminine Awakening Movement created to gather, educate and inspire women in their personal journey to activate the goddess within, their authentic, spiritual self as an expression of the Divine Feminine.


For any woman who is looking to achieve Goddesshood – the state of being a goddess – we invite you to come and experience the community, connection and support that a GODDESSHOOD circle offers.


Together we heal, learn and explore many avenues to elevate our consciousness to raising the collective divine feminine energy. It is a beautiful path to walk, specially alongside like minded individuals to support you and cheer you on!


GODDESSHOOD offers a very unique experience in each gathering. It does not follow any particular tradition, religious practice or ritual. It incorporates practices that help awaken the goddess within. The goal here is to celebrate the unique goddess in you, and not goddesses on pedestals!


At GODDESSHOOD we believe that the way to embody the goddess within is to achieve self-mastery. With that in mind, in each circle you will learn simple and practical tools that you can apply to your daily lives to empower you each step of the way on your goddess journey.



The Goddess Demystified

A goddess is simply an expression of our spiritual selves as Divine, as creators and co-creators within everything that exists and not separate from it. Women and Men have become disconnected from their Divinity because they are taught to look up to God, adore, revere and even to fear Him. We must bridge the gap by acknowledging and embodying the oneness.


At GODDESSHOOD, our goal is to support women in their journey to discover the goddess within and raise the divine collective feminine energy on the planet.


In circle we celebrate each woman’s uniqueness and beauty. 


Unlike any mythical and mystical archetypes that we know and recognize from various ancient cultures, the face of the modern goddess is much like the face you see in the mirror.  Do you see Her? Do you feel Her? Can you hear Her? She is there.  She may be repressed... longing to come out and reveal herself. Yes, She exists… She is you when you step into your full power.  Re-Dis-cover her, shed her down, layer by layer, until you reveal her. Shed the layers that do not serve you any longer and purify your soul. 

 The Archetype Within The Circle

GODDESSHOOD developed a very unique archetype. It does not follow any particular tradition, religious practice or ritual. Our goal is to build a Tribe of Modern Goddesses. These goddesses live life by desire. They express themselves fully and completely. They are connected with nature and with their senses. Their daily rituals are self-love, joy and gratitude. They are able to transform “lead” into golden opportunities. They are intuitive and compassionate. Their womb is a sacred powerhouse, the portal to all creation and pleasure. They are attuned with the cycles of nature as their own. They are abundant, juicy and they give freely from the overflow. A Goddess is lit on. She is nature herself.


Evolve into the Goddess

If you want to take control of your life, heal, step into your authenticity and become the best version of yourself, come join the hood!


Discover what is possible. The potential lies within you to be the Goddess you were born to be. Be your own Guru. Heal yourself, then heal the imbalance between the Divine Feminine and Masculine affecting all of us.


This is not a feminist movement; it is a feminine movement. Our men, our children, our families and our Planet need us to step up and be more Womanly. We can make a difference, one circle at a time.


The circles are coordinated, hosted and conducted by Carolina Strada, aka goddess Luna. She is the circle leader and brings a guest speaker each time to share her womanly wisdom with the group.  


If you are looking for peace, happiness and self-improvement, this is your safe haven. The meetings are very relaxing and have an uplifting vibe. You will learn and experience something unique in each gathering, leaving enlightened and lighter! Learn self-mastery tools essential for the every day modern goddess. Past meet ups introduced simple healing and clearing techniques, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), breath-work and there is much more coming our way! 


GODDESSHOOD invites you to join us in circle and allow for your oracle intelligence to come to play. 


In addition to learning empowerment tools, you will experience community, meditation, relaxation, and poetry. You will reflect and journal using goddess oracle cards, learn about astrology events for the cycle, and have an opportunity to share experiences and thoughts.


How do I find a Circle

During the warm weather seasons, our circles happen on the beach, allowing us to witness divinity at first hand… the ocean, the sunset and the moonrise, all under the vast sky. This past summer, we were “visited” by dolphins and a fox!


For the Fall and Winter Season, we bring the circle indoors to keep warm and cozy.


Please check the schedule of upcoming events and sign up to get the address for the gatherings.




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