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Super Full Moon Eclipse Energies 01-21-19

On January 20-21st we have a Super Blood Moon Eclipse in the sign of Leo. This Eclipse is ultra-potent as it’s both a Super Moon and a Blood Moon. A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is closest to Earth on its elliptical orbit, appearing magnified in the sky. A Blood Moon occurs when we have a Total Lunar Eclipse, giving the Moon a reddish hue due to the reflection of the dust particles in the atmosphere, hence the name Blood Moon. We won’t' be able to see the eclipse from U.S. but we will be feeling the powerful side effects...

A Total Lunar Eclipse will bring focus to our emotions, intimate relationships, and your home and family. You will be in touch with your own needs and emotions when it comes to your private life. Avoid arguments, as the Leo energy tends to bring the ego and the theme of who is right, who is wrong.

This Leo Eclipse in January 2019 is the last in the cycle that started in February 2017. Take a look on the past 18 months, to realize the most significant events, lessons and epiphanies that occurred in this phase. How did you express yourself creatively? Leo is about your unique contribution to the whole.

While this Eclipse will touch us all differently, emotionally and energetically, open your heart and sit quietly in meditation to find your answers. Reclaim the fragmented parts of yourself by taking the time to identify what has been lurking underneath your heart. Note what bubbles up around this this Super Full Moon Eclipse, as a clue to what needs to be released. Notice if any wounds from the past you thought you had dealt with are still persisting. Before we can fully capitalize in the new beginnings in 2019, we need to make room...

Take an objective and balanced look within and take advantage of these supportive energies to clear the emotional garbage and reset. Ask the angels and God to give you the answers you are looking for, and listen. As you look back over the accomplishments and events that unfolded for you thus far, celebrate the lessons and graduate from them by practicing this simple mantra: "thank you for this experience". This will help you raise your vibration and value that everything that has happened to you, happened for you to make your stronger. Congratulate yourself, honor that!

Make your own ritual, such as writing on a piece of paper the “thing” that you must release. Do a prayer and burn the paper. Light a candle and set the intention you desire moving forward. Also honor your individual needs as you feel these strong energies, either it is to rest more, start an entrepreneurial project or just contemplate in solitude.

Please join us on Monday evening, from 6:45pm-8:30pm for our Full Moon Drum Circle in Huntington. More information and R.S.V.P. here

May your Supper Full Moon Eclipse experience allow you to start a new chapter with a ROAR!

Many Blessings,

Carolina Luna

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