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Carolina Strada- aka Goddess Luna

Carolina Strada is known as Goddesss Luna in sisterhood. Luna is the passionista, lover of life, mother of two and the creatix force behind GODDESSHOOD, a Divine Feminine Awakening Movement that is bringing women in circles, workshops and adventures. Her aspirations include creating a tribe of goddesses; the next spiritual leaders and transformational heroines of this century.
Luna's intuition has led her to listen to the goddess.  Her calling was to gather the women. At first, she wasn't sure how to... and dove into a whole new culture which is continuously and gracefully unfolding. She believes that the Goddess within and the Universe are orchestrating all kinds of synchronicities to make GODDESSHOOD a true Divine Awakening Movement. 
Her commitment is to help create a tribe of empowered women and men to heal the imbalance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine. In circles, she teaches self-mastery tools that promotes self-healing, increased awareness and connection to nature, raising the collective Divine Feminine energy awareness among ALL.
"By healing ourselves and connecting with the source of creation, we are healing our men, our children, families... and the healing ripples throughout the collective energy, so we are healing the planet too".
In addition to Circles and events, Luna offers Transformational Photography Sessions which are designed to reveal the goddess-essence  in her subjects. These sessions enhance one’s connection within self, all while enjoying nature. She brings her experience of over 20 years passionately photographing people's journeys, from birth to adulthood; her ability to reveal one’s beauty and spirit throughout her photographic images is evident in her body of work. Check it out at
Come and join Carolina and her rising tribe of Goddesses in Circle, workshops and retreats, or schedule a personal session with her.
May the force of the Goddess be with you! Join the movement!
Watch Goddess Luna's interview here:
"How Exciting to Witness and participate in Goddess Luna's Circles!  She is passionate extraordinaire and intelligence all wrapped in an outstanding and energetic woman.  She is sharing necessary pleasures and knowledge with women of all backgrounds. For 23+ I have dedicated my life to the education of women on levels of Feminine exploration and expansion and Carolina is the new generation bringing Maiden, Mother and Crone together as they are naturally designed to be.  
Continue your delightful work Carolina... You are a gift to us ALL...
All Love and Support To You....."  Rev. Laura Tria
"It's always wonderful connecting and gathering with other sisters, working together to uplift our planet and loved ones. It's always more powerful when we gather together and shine our Lights collectively. Thank you for providing such beautiful space where we could all share our Light."
Kristen Orsini, Healer and Circle Leader
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