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Full Moon Eclipse & Astrology July 2018

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27th is on 4 degrees of Leo/Aquarius at 4:21 PM EDT, visible in the skies over Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The 103 minutes of totality make this the longest lunar eclipse since 2000! The time of the Full Moon Eclipse in New York is at 5:21pm, but not visible...

The Moon will appear blood red in the sky, due to the frequency of the light of the sun skimming the Earth’s surface, that’s why it is called a Blood Moon. Go outside and watch it. The forescast is for open skies!

Our traditional Full Moon Circle will not be happening on the 27th, the day of the Full Moon. Instead, we will reconvene at Robert Moses Beach for our gathering on the following day starting at 6pm with a picninc, then at 7pm we continue with our Full Moon Circle rituals, meditation, movement and drumming! Please R.S.V.P. here, in case there is a change on the schedule to due rain, we will keep you updated! Bring a picnic basket for yourself and invite your friends and bring your loved ones with you.

The Leo – Aquarius opposition this Full Moon creates tension between your individual creative expression and the collective. Leo asks us to be confident in who we are and what we want to do in this life and Aquarius is asking us to look closer at our community. Are you surrounding yourself with like-minded people? Are you misunderstood in your circle? It is time to find your tribe, where you can find a supportive circle of friends, co-workers and like-minded souls to make it fun and easier to be your authentic self, so you may shine your light and offer up your gifts to fulfill your purpose in a joyful way!

That is why a supportive community is vital! There are people like you out there, people that won't judge you. Come to circle to shine your Light! That is the message of this Full

Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.

Join us on Saturday, from 6pm - 9pm at Robert Moses Field 5.

1 Burma Road, Bay Shore, NY

Take the time to sit and reflect. Eclipses bring about powerful energies. It is a perfect time to allow your shadow side to come to light. Create your own ritual... to reflect on what to release. Look into your own darkness with compassion. We have so sit with the shadowy side of ourselves and be comfortable with what we find there, no matter how painful it may be. It is only when we sit inside the pain that we are able to transcend it, and glow again like the Moon does when the shadow finally passes.The shadow will always pass, we just have to trust as we make our way through the darkness. Surrender and release, to emerge fresh and reborn. Be careful not to stay in the darkness and go into a downward spiral. Choose to focus on the bright aspects... choose to focus on gratitude. Remember the other times of hardship or heartbreak that you got over! You are relentless!!!

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These gatherings are supported by your generous donations.

Suggested Donation: $15+ or anything you can afford.


Astrology Highlights by Barbara Furlani, Astrologer

  • Free up time for the heart engaged activities to realign your path. Allow more nurturing and less of mechanical, habitual things. Some difficult decisions are required, what to keep and what to release.

  • There is a review of values, friends and activities and a renewal of what really speaks to your soul!

  • It's time to organize and commit to spiritual principles as a guiding force. That will help the decision of what stay and what goes.

  • Have some fun and connect to the happy inner child!

Happy Full Moon!

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