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Full Moon Astrology June 2018

The Full Moon arrives on the 28th at 12:53 AM EDT, on the 7th degree of Cancer/Capricorn. Full Moons are always a time of culmination, finishing up, and releasing. This Moon is next to Saturn in Capricorn, think boundaries, restrictions and responsibility. We may feel somewhat anxious, insecure or exhausted. Practice healthy emotional boundaries, know what is your responsibility, and what is not and get time to rejuvenate!!

Release from the prison of the emotional past with the Sun in Cancer making it possible, bringing courage, strength and fortitude to master our key relationships issues.

Jupiter is at the base of a "fixed sign" alignment with Venus/Mars. Movement is difficult. Finding the effort for emotional flexibility will benefit our relationships. If we succeed, there is a giant step forward in handling the essentials.

Remember there is always choice! Be joyous and learn something new!!

Astrology shows your "blueprint" for life, so you can better understand your place in the world and navigate

it gracefully. To book a personal Astrology Reading, contact Barbara Furlani and get a 20% discount.

ASTROLOGY is Barbara Furlani's first love and passion. Working with the Celestial Energies can greatly improve the outcome. She has spoken in many venues on various aspects of astrology and is available for private readings which can include relationships, career and relocation. Contact her for a private astrology chart reading at Mention Goddesshood to get 20% off.

Join us with your drum on our next Full Moon Beach Circle at Rober Moses Beach Park, on June 28th, at 7pm-9:15pm.

Check out Event Details and RSVP, go here:

It is important to register, in case of a cancellation due to inclement weather.

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