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"Paschal" Full Moon Astrology March 31st

The Blue Full Moon (second Full Moon in the same month) is on March 31st at 8:38 AM EDT on the 11th degree of Aries/Libra. It is also the first full moon of spring. The 20th of March marked the beginning of spring with the equinox, quick starting the season of rebirth, renewal, hope, love and fertility. There is no better time than Spring to gather inspiration, to start afresh and sprout ideas for new projects, big or small, from cleaning and purging, to gardening and much more.

Eleven days later after the Spring Equinox, the moon turns full. Since the first Sunday after the Paschal Moon is usually designated as Easter Sunday, tomorrow many Christians worldwide will observe one of the most sacred Holidays on the religious calendar, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Astrologically speaking, the Aries and Libra relationship axis always emphasizes the dynamic tension between our own desires and our wish to be connected to others. Aries Sun wants independence, leading and daring starts, while Libra Moon desires compromise, negotiation, graciousness and balance. Help comes from Mars (self) and Venus (others) in easy aspect and both in Earth signs. This indicates that very productive steps can be implemented to cement our romantic relationships.

This Full Moon aligns with retrograde Mercury and squares Mars conjunct Saturn. Feelings of frustration can be obvious now and we are challenged in how to express ourselves.

Action is necessary to remain emotionally balanced at this time. Take time out - long walks in nature, meditation or yoga to re-balance your energy.

Full Moon Oditties

A Paschal Moon that is also a Blue Moon can only occur in March.

The last time we had a Blue Paschal Moon was in 1999. In that year, that second March full moon fell on a Wednesday, so Easter Sunday fell on April 4. The next time we'll have a Paschal Blue Moon will be in 2037.

If you're wondering when the last time Easter Sunday fell on April 1 — that was in 1956.

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

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