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There is something to say about the habits that form our daily routines. Many of us have been locked in a perpetual cycle of unconscious behaviors from day to day, completely oblivious of such things, to our own detriment. The old adage "Knowing is half the battle." rings true in this particular instance. While habits may be good, bad or indifferent, we will be focusing on the bad, to shed light on the "Shadow Habits" and cleanse that which may be self defeating, self limiting and self sabotaging.

To "KNOW" is the very first step towards change. Awareness is what helps point us in the right direction for those very first steps. If you desire change, be mindful of the direction your "Inner Arrow" is pointing you in. It may be most subtle, but the Body, Mind and Spirit is imbued with the intelligence of the Universe. Change is a natural state. In fact, one of the Great Truths is, Everything Changes. Why not, then, take hold of the reigns of your life and steer it as YOU desire?

You are the Captain of your own ship. Would you knowingly steer yourself into a raging storm, knowing that, at any moment, you may be left capsized, stranded, or worse? Every time you allow bad habits to dictate the direction you are traveling in throughout your life, you leave yourself wide open to such possibilities. This analogy may seem a little extreme. However, with every decision you make, there is always a consequence. (With every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Of course Newton's Third Law, albeit a physical law, does not take into consideration the notion of Karma, but we will leave that for another discussion for another time). Most everything we do in life is a decision. Making the same bad decision over and over is how Bad Habits are formed. This could branch out into your life in so many ways. What is commonly referred to as the "Snowball Effect" and the "Domino Effect" are two such ways bad decision making that grow into bad habits can have negative repercussions across all areas of ones life.

If you struggle with bad habits that are affecting YOUR life, creating physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual energy "Blockages", which may lead to "dis-ease" in ANY part of the body, physical or otherwise, there has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to start the process of clearing. This circle will center around helping you accept your bad habits, shine the light of acknowledgement upon them, and show you the doorways to transformation. Admittedly, We can only show you the door, and, possibly, hold it open for you. It is up to you whether you to choose to walk through those doorways of your own volition.

In this Circle, Goddess Luna will be leading an exercise to help you BREAK BAD HABITS. Learn a simple, yet powerful practical tool that will give you perspective and assist you into moving towards the best version of yourself. You will experience support, community, and learn something you can add to your self-mastery tool box. Join us! Please r.s.v.p. and buy your tickets in advance to save $5.

Includes: Circle, Oracle Reflections, Guidance, Meditation, Light Stretches and bonus Magic Popcorn for snack!

$30 pre-paid or $35 at the Event.

Your Event Organizer:

Goddess Luna is the Circle Leader for Goddesshood, a Divine Feminine Awakening Movement focused on building sisterhood, community and to support men and women in their journey to becoming the best version of themselves. Join Luna to learn practical, self-empowering and self mastering tools. Luna hosts a circle every month on or around the Full Moon and encourages men and women to join in. A goddess circle is a great way for both men and women to nurture and reconnect with source and balance the feminine and masculine polarities.

Bring your Journal if you have one (optional) and your favorite beverage in a spill proof container. Dress comfortable.

Location: Shala Yoga Lila

1710 Church Avenue

Holbrook NY, 11741

Located inside Vamos Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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