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Feeling High

Greetings and Happy New Year from Goddess Luna and Goddesshood!

As we are all snowed in, in New York, I am taking the opportunity to reach out to you to shower you with love and appreciation.

In 2017, Goddesshood hosted 21 events, from gatherings such as circles, pot lucks, workshops, a natural immersion for women in Puerto Rico, to huge drum circles on the beach, all in all, we gathered over 300 people! Wow! What a success, since our humble beginning in February 2016. Our largest gathering to date was in June, when we welcomed men and children. Nearly 75 people showed up to participate in the activities under the Full Moon. We Drummed and danced together on the sands of Robert Moses Beach. It made a fabulous summer. We were featured on Fios TV! And you are helping to spread the word too!

Thank you for coming to circle! I am so honored that you are a part of our growing Divine Feminine Awakening Movement and community. I do not say this lightly. You rock! You are healing our planet by becoming more conscious, more connected, more empowered and radiant, and you are the healing aid to balance both the divine masculine and feminine to harmonize and bring peace to Gaia.

This happens in circle every time! We radiate light! We create such a sacred space of transformation that ripples through and transcends space. The healing thoughts, prayers and intentions are magnified; the deliciousness of the activities fills our souls and emanates; you learn and expand; the connectivity with one self, with nature and with others is profound; the LOVE vibration gets higher, and higher, and beams out from circle to the universe. Community is created. No wonder I feel so HIGH! To top everything that came to manifestation in 2017, we started the Year with a Mini-Retreat, which was a HUGE success! Packed with activities, live music, organic food and the most powerful intentions of manifestation from each participant, I could not be feeling more proud and humbled to have started the year like that! The positive feedback and responses are ever motivating and they are showing us that Goddesshood is indeed making a positive impact in the World.

I could not be happier. I am feeling so high, high on the energy and love vibration.

My wishes to you is that you feel high too! Join me again! Come to circle! Carve the time and relax, learn something new and become the best version of yourself, together!

Your support, participation and contribution to community building is not overlooked.

Thank you!

I leave my gratitude here and wish that ALL OF YOUR DESIRES manifest in 2018. May this be your best year ever!

Much Love to All,

Goddess Luna

Join us in the Next Super Full Moon Circle on January 31st. More info and rsvp here.

Photo credit: Michelle Katz

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