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New Year's Day Super Full Moon Mini Retreat

The 5 Hour NEW YEAR'S SUPER MOON MINI RETREAT is here! Designed to give you a multi-sensory experience, re-condition your heart, mind, body and soul post-Holiday and help give your New Year direction and momentum.

On January 1st we gather in Circle under the influence of a powerful Super Full Moon, to create a Sacred Space for Manifestation and Transmutation of the old.

Create your Vision for 2018. You deserve it! Do you want 2018 to be your Best Year Ever? It starts with a clear vision, focus and feeling good in your body!

This special New Year's Mini-Retreat includes the best supporting tools to help you Manifest a Great 2018.You will take home with you some powerful Manifestation Tools, such as Mind Mapping, Affirmations and a Vision Board that you are going to create during the retreat. It also includes Live Music Performance, Meditations, Astrology, Yin Style Yoga and Movement, Layered Application of High-Grade Therapeutic Essential Oils throughout the event, 10 Minutes of Reiki per participant and a delightful Light Vegan Organic Meal, with Detoxifying and Probiotic Drinks.

Get a good year’s start! Join us! Space is limited! Co-ed.

Pre-registration required at or book the workshop at Om Shanti Om Yoga and Reiki Center.

Hosted by Goddess Luna and Co-hosts Ku Khem, Barbara Furlani and Roberta Kaznocha at Om Shanti Om Yoga and Reiki at 186 Main Street, suite 3, Sayville, NY.

More details:

Check in 12:45pm. Pick your Day’s Worksheets and Oracle Cards to kick-start your connection with your Intention. Circle with your hostess Goddess Luna and Co-hosts, Ku Khem, Barbara Furlani and Roberta Kaznocha. The Circle is a powerful way to create a magical space to magnify the power of transformation. Your circle leader, Goddess Luna, will create a sacred sanctuary and guide you on a multisensory experience. Become more present and start moving into your body. Tap into your inner-guidance for clarity. Bring your own crystals and symbol to add to our altar!

Luna will guide you in releasing blockages that are “clogging” your emotional body, using E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique). E.F.T. is a way to release limiting beliefs and behaviors that create blockages in your energetic field. These blockages in our energy system, in addition to challenging us emotionally, often lead to limiting beliefs and behaviors and an inability to live life harmoniously. You will literally tap away that which no longer servers you! You can bring this tool with you anywhere, anytime, for the rest of your life. If you are already familiar with E.F.T., that is great! You know it is powerful!

Before you eat a delicious organic and vegan meal and drink detoxifying and probiotic beverages, you will learn about the current energies that are present with this Super Full Moon to better navigate this lunar cycle. Then, get up for some YIN Stretches to raise your Shakti energy. Shakti represents the feminine life energy that courses through everything in the universe. Shakti creative energy makes it possible to live, think and act by powering your mind with emotions, memories and desires. Shakti is also considered the essential energy needed for physical health, vibrance and creativity.

By now you are feeling good in your body and lighter in the soul. Barbara will lead a Restorative Yoga sequence, using some props. You will rest into the poses all while listening to live music performed by the artist Ku Khem and receive individual Reiki energy work.

You will be graced with five layers of therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils. These oils are strategically selected to help you purify and energize your body.

Open your heart, restore and get revitalized with all activities. Get your creative juices flowing in preparation for the next segment of the Retreat.

Focus on What to Bring into Your Life

Using powerful manifestation tools, such as Mind Mapping, Affirmations and Vision Board, you will become clear on your intentions and desires to Manifest in the Coming Year and beyond. Be creative! Fill out the given materials and use the board and craft supplies to create your very own piece of Art. Cut and glue words, pictures and backgrounds from magazines to make your Vision Board unique, personal and meaningful, just like You ARE!

Does this ALL sound good? Join us! Create momentum and ride the energy wave to have the most amazing year ever!


$100. At the Door: $120.

Register here at

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