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Did You See Our Circle on TV?

Goddesshood made headlines this Summer appearing on a local documentary television series on Fios TV entitled Push Pause, by the producer and journalist Archie Snowden.

Calling the Circle

This particular Circle was held on the Strawberry Full Moon this past June 2017, hosted by Goddess Luna, featuring a very special guest, SoulFire. Her autobiography, "Fearless Freedom, Becoming SoulFire", which was published this year, is her inspirational story about overcoming adversity and using it as a portal to discovery. The documentary by Archie Snowden is about SoulFire’s journey and transformation. She was invited by Goddesshood to share her story and lead the group in QiGong* exercises. She lit up the participants with dance and narrative as she soared with her ‘wings’, a metaphorical symbol of the metamorphosis she has experienced on her journey. Not only did The Strawberry Full Moon make history with SoulFire, it also opened the Summer Circle Series, as well as welcomed drummers and men for the first time. “Together, we celebrated nature, beauty and wisdom while we drummed and danced beneath the open sky, as the Moon was reflecting her glorious light upon us, and across the rolling waves. Over 75 free spirits joined us! It was magical!”, exclaimed Goddess Luna. The energy of community coming together was felt by all. Follow the link to watch the video here.

Watch the documentary on SoulFire at our Goddesshood Circle. Don't miss out!

Our next Full Moon Circle is coming soon! Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 6th at Robert Moses Beach Park, Field 5. Check out the Meet up event details and rsvp here.

What is QiGong

Qigong practice involves moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and promotes calm meditative state of mind. With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi(chi), translated as "life energy". Qigong is now practiced throughout China and worldwide.

Come and try it out in our next Circle!



Circle with Goddess Luna + QiGong + Rhythm Drum Mantras

Starting with Qigong Moving Meditation led by Stephanie Neidhart, followed by the lead drummer Mila Tina with Rhythm Drumming Mantra. Drum along or dance with us! Don't miss out! This is the last drum circle on the beach this season. Bring your friends too! To find us on Field 5, make a Left at booth/concession stand and go to end of parking lot. Find goddess Luna waving a pink feather on the beach! Can't miss it!

Schedule and details:

Saturday, September 6th, at Robert Moses Beach State Park, Field 5 from 5:30-8:45pm

5:30PM PICNIC. Pack your favorite goodies for yourself. Don't forget beach chair, bug spray and blanket too. 6:30PM CIRCLE WITH GODDESS LUNA AND GUEST. MEDITATION, DRUMMER'S JAM AND DANCE. 8:45PM CLOSING CIRCLE


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