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The Solar Eclipse, A Cosmic Dance You Don't Want to Miss

Think of your solar system and the objects in orbit, and their appointed paths. Think of them as pirouetting dancers, in a cosmic ballet choreographed by the forces of gravity. Today, August 21st, 2017 we are going to be able to witness the main protagonists, the Sun and the Moon, lining up in unusual and uncommon ways for the ultimate cosmic dance, the SOLAR ECLIPSE. For a few moments, we are going to witness the sun start to disappear, 70% gone in New York!

The sun is our life source. See it go away, even partially, it is something we ALL want to try to look at! There is something wholly unnatural about watching something moving in front of the sun.

For those able to travel to totality, it is going to be epic, as they will experience total blockage of the sun, seeing the corona come out, twilight appearing and stars coming out. However, don’t dismiss the opportunity to witness such rare experience. It is going to be amazing. A total eclipse is the only chance; you can’t touch the moon, but the shadow of the Moon will touch you, and forever de imprinted in your memories.

This is also a very spiritual time. A new frequency will be available to all of us on Earth and this will help all beings on the planet to rise up together and feel a sense of unity, oneness and wholeness.

Welcome this energy into your life in order to receive and feel it. The effects of this Solar Eclipse will be felt most strongly until September 7th 2017.

Enjoy the eclipse and make sure to protect your eyes with eclipse glasses.

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