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Our "Strawberry" Full Moon Circle with Soulfire and Drumming opened our Series of Beach Ci

Goddesshood welcomed our man and children for our first Beach Circle gathering on June 9th, 2017! Wow! What a great turnout we had! I am still so blown away by the joyfull participation and community that took place on the sands of our beloved Robert Moses Beach! People brought their drums and jammed together, danced, mingled and watched the sunset and the pinkish moon rise together under the stars. Even a new jam group was formed, named after the June Full Moon, Strawberry Moon Band! Our FIRST of our FOUR Circles on the beach introduced our sister goddess Soulfire, who has recently released her book “Fearless Freedom – Becoming Soulfire”, attracting people from near and far. For our delight, even a few curious beach goers decided to poke in and stay with us, for some dance and movement and to just be. All in all, we were nearly 70 people, our largest gathering in Goddesshood history since our creation last year! It was the perfect Summer starter! If you were there, THANK YOU for your energy, beautiful presence and for making history with Goddesshood!

If you are new here, Goddesshood is a Divine Feminine Awakening Movement created in February 2016 with the intention to support women in their journey, to heal and bring forth their mission and passion into the world, and bring back a sense of village and community lost in the modern days. Godddesshood was created by Carolina Strada, also known in circle by Goddess Luna. Her passion is to bring women into circle and facilitate authentic conversations amongst participants. She teaches practical tools for the modern goddess to stay in touch with their divinity, and to help each one expand their consciousness and spirituality. She invites a new guest speaker for each gathering, promoting topics such as Nonviolent Communication and promoting tools like Breath-work, and others. Goddess Luna’s circles celebrate nature, community, self-expression and each one’s uniqueness. Does not follow any particular religion, yet creates an intention fueled sacred space which nurtures connection with one’s divinity.

If you want to join our Group on Facebook, request entry here and make sure to be signed up for our list!