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How To Make Extra-Ordinary Connections

Hello Goddesses!

This Circle I am bringing you something that I am very passionate about, and it started about a year ago, when I met Sue Tibke in a casual conversation in a waiting room. She was volunteering in this Holistic Clinic to offer a service called Non-Violent Communication (NVC). I was fascinated about the topic and knew that I, personally, needed that for my own life in a bad way! I was growing tired of not being effective at connecting with my husband and teenager son and NVC sounded like a perfect solution to my own concerns. I would finally learn a better way to understand, be understood and heard. The desire to create more peaceful interactions sounded amazing for my own sanity and for my family's sanity.

So I invited Sue to come and speak in a beach circle over the summer, and teach this very amazing tool. She is living and leading life the NVC way and had intensively trained with the pioneers of this practice for more than 15 years. She has taught NVC to schools, communities and in personal basis. Sue's presentation moved me and I knew then that NVC had to be promoted more on Long Island. Since our Beach Circle last summer, we became very good friends and have been in touch almost in weekly basis with the commitment to practice and promote NVC. I am such a believer, as I have experienced changes and enriched my relationships. At first, changing old habits seemed difficult and almost impossible but with time, with compassion (including compassion for myself) and practice, I realize that judgments dissipate, I became more present, and I can really connect! Making Extra- Ordinary Connections has served me well, in my personal relationships with my family, in circle and at work.

So what is violent communication anyway? Simply, is any form of communication, verbal or physical, that leaves you feeling diminished, hurt, misunderstood, disconnected and sad. No matter what issue you are facing, or if there are none that you realize, you will learn the foundation of NVC in our Circle and see for yourself how this simple 4 step method can improve your life and bring you more awareness.

NVC is also known as Compassionate Communication, but it s basically communication where understanding of each other's feeling and needs are understood and processed. Most people's struggles in relationship come from not having theirs needs met, or not being understood. This practical introduction will leave you more empowered and able to start changing your perspective on how to really connect with people, creating wonderful relationships with anyone and everywhere, from your partnerships, to family and even at work.

In this Circle, we will: -Have an Overview of the 4 Step Process -Practice and Role Play 2 Major Steps of NVC

"Words are Windows or Words are Walls", says Dr. Marshall Rosenberg Phd. (1934-2015), the creator of NVC. During his life, he authored fifteen books, including the bestseller Nonviolent communication, A Language of Life, which has sold more than one million copies and has been translated in more than 30 languages.

I ask you to join me in Circle this Sunday, May 7th, from 4-6pm at the Bayard Cutting Arboritum at 440 Montauk Hwy, Great River, NY 11739. Be open to the possibility of the wonderful World of Communication that will serve you, Communication that gets your needs met, Communication that fosters connection, compassion and values feelings and needs.

Any men wanting to join us are welcome!

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