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Full Moon in Libra April 2017

This Full Moon is on April 11th at 2:09 AM EDT at 22 degrees of Aries/Libra. Libra is all about partnerships and balance and learning how to see both sides of the coin. When the Moon is in Libra, it is the perfect time to put yourself in the shoes of someone else. How can you be more compassionate? How can you be of service to the world?

The polarity of this Full Moon is calling upon us to look within ourselves for internal balance and for balance in our relationships. How is the masculine and the feminine within ourselves balancing on the scale? Where there is a lack of balance? What happens if there is too much of either feminine or masculine or too little of the other?

Both Sun and Moon are at right angles to Pluto forming a Cardinal T-Square, showing the need for physical expression and action. This heightens the action for those born in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and anyone with planets at these points. The Moon is next to Jupiter in Libra expanding our emotions and personal self-confidence; the Sun is next to Uranus in Aries pointing to our spontaneous need to act.

The polarity of the full moon is also expressed between:

pioneer your own unique path or experiencing happy relationships.

serving the later community or nurture ourselves and those we love.

Get your priorities straight and move accordingly. Leave some room in your schedule for unexpected activities. Please use your discretion, the full moon aligned with optimistic Jupiter can produce emotional purchases. Mercury turns retrograde on April 9th for the next three weeks, so review and revise how you put all the pieces of your life into a working whole, don't forget or ignore something important?

Spotlight on ourselves… This cycle is calling us to look at the roles that assertion and independence play in our lives. It is time to develop a healthy sense of self. Take a totally honest look within ourselves, with others. Allow the high vibration of Aries to shine through, using courage and openness towards the new directness and a healthy sense of identity.

ASTROLOGY is Barbara Furlani's first love and passion. Working with the Celestial Energies can greatly improve the outcome. She has spoken in many venues on various aspects of astrology and is available for private readings which can include relationships, career and relocation. Contact her for a private astrology chart reading at Mention Goddesshood to get 20% off.

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