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Wed, Aug 30


Robert Moses Field 5 - read details

Goddesshood Super Full Moon Drum Circle on the Beach

Full Moon Drum Circle on the beach hosted by Carolina Luna and percussionist Chris Jay. Drumming and dancing, a grounding meditation, and a community gathering at Robert Moses Field 5. Yoga is sponsored by Free Spirits of Patchogue, NY.

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Goddesshood Super Full Moon Drum Circle on the Beach
Goddesshood Super Full Moon Drum Circle on the Beach

Time & Location

Aug 30, 2023, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT

Robert Moses Field 5 - read details, Robert Moses Causeway, Babylon, NY 11702, USA


About the event

Event: Goddesshood Gathering - Super Full Moon Circle and Yoga

Featuring: Transformative Yoga (all levels) + Circle Rituals + Drumming

Yoga Sponsored by Free Spirits Yoga of Patchogue

Date: Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

Location: Beach at Robert Moses Field 5

Time: 6:15 pm to 8:30 pm

Cost: Suggested donation of $20 per person

Who can attend: Both men and women, of all ages welcome

What to bring: blanket, beach chair, drum and percussion instruments, snacks, beverages

The circle is by Donation: Suggested $20

This is the 2nd full Supermoon on August 30-31, the closest full moon to Earth, and, therefore, the largest supermoon of the year. So not only does it appear to be the biggest full moon of the year, but it also appears to be the brightest.

What to expect:

Full Moon Circle - Blue Moon - It happens when there are two Full Moons within a month!

  • Spiritual Community Gathering (any religion, creed, and cultures welcome!)
  • Yoga Session sponsored by FREE SPIRITS YOGA of Patchogue, featuring the founder of the Dharma Yoga Wheel Raquel Vamos
  • Sacred Space created in Community, led by Carolina Luna, your circle facilitator, and founder of Goddesshood.
  • Collective Sageing (Sage is known for removing negative energy)
  • A 5-sense meditation by Luna, your Circle Facilitator.
  • Drumming led by Chris Jay - you can drum along or just enjoy and dance!
  • a gorgeous beach setting with sunset and the energy of the Full Moon
  • Ps.: No alcohol or recreational drugs.
  • A ceremony -  write on a piece of paper your intention of what to let go of - to burn in our fire ritual


6:00 pm Check In

6:30 pm Yoga by Leela - sponsored by Free Spirits Yoga of Patchogue

7:10 pm  Sacred Space, Collective Sage Smudging + Release Ceremony + Start Drumming

7:30pm   Sunset Meditation

8:15 pm  Drumming ends + Close Circle

How to find us:

At Robert Moses Beach Field 5, make a left (East) at the concession area (towards the Lighthouse).  We are at the end of the parking lot, around the end of the boardwalk, on the sand. Look for the Pink Feather.

We are back for a few more beach drum circles. Don't miss out. this is going to be a very special one!

During this gathering, you will have the opportunity to shed what no longer serves you, lighting the flame of your intentions and stepping into your power as creators. Gathering on the beach and celebrating as a community, you provide support to one another and partake in a shared, transformative journey.

We advise bringing whatever makes you comfortable and ready for the evening's activities. This might include a blanket or chair, warm clothing for when the evening air cools, water for hydration, and any particular items that aid your intention-setting or personal rituals.

We encourage you to share this transformative event with others, inviting them to experience the power and beauty of collective intention setting and transformation. Revel in the gathering and the spiritual progress it signifies in your journey. Enjoy this moment of collective transformation and spiritual growth.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all those who have been attending circle for the past few years!  It's your enthusiasm and positivity that keep this community thriving. We appreciate your commitment to personal and collective growth.

He can't wait to see you there!

Carolina Luna and Chris Jay.


Carolina Luna, your Circle Facilitator

Carolina Strada, reverently named Goddess Luna in the intimate circles of sisterhood, is a vibrant beacon of passion and zest for life. A mother to two and a ceaseless creator, Luna stands at the heart of GODDESSHOOD – a profound movement designed to stir the Divine Feminine Awakening. She envisions a world where women unite as an empowered tribe, emerging as the guiding lights and transformative heroines of our era.

For Luna, the call of the goddess was undeniable. An intuitive nudge beckoned her to gather women, drawing them close in shared understanding and spiritual elevation. Though initially uncertain of the path, Luna trusted this sacred summons, plunging into a rich tapestry of culture and tradition that ceaselessly unravels and redefines itself. She stands firm in her belief that both the internal Goddess and the vast Universe are weaving a dance of synchronicity, transforming GODDESSHOOD into a pure, divine awakening.

But Luna's vision extends beyond just women. She seeks to mend the rift between the Divine Masculine and Feminine, establishing harmony and equilibrium. Through circles, she imparts invaluable lessons on self-mastery – tools that catalyze self-healing, amplify awareness and deepen one's bond with nature. As she often shares, "By healing ourselves and syncing with the creative source, we mend our men, our children, our families. This healing sends ripples into the world, ultimately restoring the planet."

Photography, for Luna, is another canvas to celebrate the divine. She offers Transformational Photography Sessions, a novel blend of her spiritual ethos and her two-decade-long journey as a photographer. These sessions transcend the ordinary, drawing out the goddess-essence within her subjects while luxuriating in the embrace of nature.

Whether you are drawn to her circles, workshops, retreats, or wish for a personal session, Luna's embrace is warm and welcoming.

Embrace the Goddess within. Join the revolution. Let Goddess Luna guide you on this transformative journey.

🌙✨ Announcing: Goddesshood Photoshoots ✨🌙

Divine souls, the time has come to embrace, celebrate, and immortalize your inner goddess! We are thrilled to introduce our latest offering: Goddesshood Photoshoots by Carolina Luna.

Meet me in the circle and let me know if you are interested, or reach out at 631 834-4721.

Explore and follow on Instagram @carolinaluna_brandphotographer


Chris Jay: The Rhythmic Heartbeat of Our Circle

At first glance, Chris Jay may strike you as the visionary engineer, known for pioneering strides in alternative energy and solar power solutions. But beneath the brilliance of the scientist lies the soul of an artist, pulsating with a passion for life and music.

Chris's journey as a percussionist has been lifelong. His hands have danced upon the drum skins for as long as he can remember, weaving stories and emotions through the beats he crafts. It's this profound connection with rhythm and sound that's made him an indispensable part of our community as the lead drummer.

When Chris takes the lead in our drum circles, the atmosphere is electrified. Each beat he delivers resonates deeply, not just with the listeners but with the very cosmos. His rhythms are a call – beckoning us to connect, to dance, to feel, and to let go.

His infectious zest for life becomes even more palpable as he drums, creating a space where everyone is invited to match their heartbeat to the communal rhythm he sets. With Chris at the helm, our drum circles transform into transcendent experiences, binding us together in shared emotion and joy.

So, whether you're here to be mesmerized by the pulsating beats or to join in the rhythm yourself, Chris Jay ensures an experience that lingers long after the last drumbeat fades.

RAQUEL VAMOS, AKA LEELA: A Beacon of Light in the Yoga World


For Leela, yoga isn't just a practice; it's a way of life, and she invites you to embark on this transformative journey alongside her. Founder of the FREE SPIRITS YOGA with 3 locations on Long Island, she is a proud sponsor of this Circle.

She will be teaching an invigorating yoga style that includes tai chi principles and stretches.

Draped in an aura of serenity and radiating wisdom beyond her years, Raquel Vamos, popularly known as Leela, stands as an embodiment of the transformative power of Yoga. For the past 15 years, she has not just practiced yoga; she has lived it, breathed it, and shared its magic with countless souls around the globe.  she is also a Reiki Master, and Acupuncturist in training, and her legacy is perhaps best encapsulated in her brainchild, the innovative Dharma Yoga Wheel. This ingenious tool, which she founded, has revolutionized the realm of yoga, offering practitioners a novel way to enhance their poses and deepen their practice.

Her contributions to the yoga community haven't gone unnoticed. Leela's been celebrated in the media—gracing magazines, making appearances on TV, and being highlighted in newspapers. Leela's odyssey as a yoga instructor has seen her footsteps imprinted across diverse terrains, leading teacher training in more than 15 countries!

Don't miss this opportunity to experience Leela's Light!

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