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How to Bring a Circle Experience to your Own Friends

January 14, 2019

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How to Bring a Circle Experience to your Own Friends

January 14, 2019

I hear so many of you saying "I just wish 'so and so' would come to circle... They really need to experience this... I want them to feel as good as I feel when I attend these events, but they will never come to this, they are afraid! Only if they knew how healing, how enlightening and how invigorating this can be!"... Other says "My life has been transformed for the best since I started attending circles".  


As I hear this more and more, I just had a thought... How about we bring the circle to your friends that are not brave enough to come to a public event? I thought, "if they won't come to a circle, how would they feel about going to a circle in the safety of a friend's home?". How about this... you invite your friends, and I will host a circle for you and them, right in your living room! Wouldn't it be so nice to introduce a circle experience to your lovelies? Perhaps, the time is right!


I get it. They insist it is just not their "cup of tea"... I know, the unfamiliar can be so scary! As their best friend, you have their best interest and perhaps, you can already see with "better eyesight" than they can...  they should hear you if you speak from your heart.


If you were to explain to them, "What is a Circle", what would you say?


First, a circle is nothing more than a formation. We sit in a way that everyone faces the center, where we place oracle cards, candles and you can add things with personal meaning there to represent YOU. The shape has no beginning or an end, like a ring, which we ignite with intention setting. The most important thing to know is that, when we sit in a circle, there is no hierarchy; no one is more important than another...We are equals! It doesn't matter if you are just getting started in your spiritual quest or if you are a "teacher", cause all of that is left out. We all have wisdom and divine insight, so we celebrate and honor that.


But why come to Circle? What do we do? 


What we really do.... We hold space for one another. When one person shares something,  everyone else just listens attentively, fully present, and there is no cross-conversation, no advising nor judgment. We practice no judgement as a virtue. Being listened to is so healing for a lot of people, because honestly speaking, a lot of people are afraid of being vulnerable and share. This is also different becuase there is no reply, no cross-conversations.


We learn to listen more attentively and with compassion. Women have become so competitive these days and look down on one another. We want to show you a better way. It is called sisterhood. We women are truly wired and designed to support and lift one another. That is the best the way!


When you enter the circle and we activate this "ring of trust", it becomes a judgment-free zone, where each participant will simply listen, and be listened to, one at the time. To speak your piece without judgment, interruption or shame, is relieving.... You will feel lighter and freer. We keep it brief so it is not too heavy, but just enough for each person to express themselves and get their own insight into what it is that they need to work on. We use three decks of oracle cards as "conversation starters". Each participant will pick one card from each deck, and reflect on the messages. They can refer to a little book to get extra clarification on their messages, and get additional meanings of the cards. I have witnessed the success of this process since I started hosting circles in February 2015. Everyone says the same thing, and it never fails!.... "My cards were right on! I heard exactly what I needed!".  For example, one may be struggling with a decision and the intention is to get clarity in that particular dilemma... The oracle cards help to reflect on the subject.


We meditate too, which puts you into a state of relaxation and peace that connects you to your own guidance system, your intuition.


You get what you want to get from it!